Ramòn Rojio (Gian Maria Volontè)

Ramón Rojo (played by Gian Maria Volontè) was the main villain in a fistful of dollars, he was one of the Rojo brothers, a feud family clan belonging to the town of San Miguel, in sharp contrast with the Baxter family to take controll of the weapons and alcool monopoly. his brothers were Don Miguel and Esteban Rojo). He was considered the most intelligent of the three. He tortured and almost killed the man with no name (or Joe) upon earing about the release of a girl that he held captured, after the man with no name escaped his tortures Ramón and his clan went over to the Baxter's house and burnt it down, killing every one of them because he thaught they were hiding the man. The man with no name came back in town to take revenge on Ramón and his men, upon meeting the gunslinger Ramòn shot him several times in the chest without success because the man with no name kept rising from the ground as if invincible, moments later he discovered to his dismay that his enemy tricked him by using an iron plate under his poncho as shield. Ramòn's brothers tried to eliminate him but all failed and were killed. In the aftermath  a wounded Ramón took the man with no name's challenge to duel into a gun draw. The man with no name was faster than him and shot him in the chest, killing him and ending his reign.

Trivia. Edit

The actor Gian Maria Volontè who played Ramón Rojo in a fistful of dollars also starred as the main villain El Indio in the sequel for a few dollars more.

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