Col Douglas Mortimer is a character in the second Dollars movie portrayed by Lee Van Cleef in his first major role in which he portrays a bounty hunter who teams up with the man with no
180px-Lee van cleef
name in order to track down and capture El Indio.

Col Douglas Mortimer (played by Lee Van Cleef) was a bounty hunter featured in for a few dollars more, he pursued the outlaw el Indio aside the man with no name. He knew about el Indio's subsequent robbery to the El Paso town bank, so he planned a trap for El Indio by letting the man with no name infiltrate his clan. After the robbery El Indio and his men fled to a small town in the hills where Mortimer reunited with the man with no name. After being captured and subsequently being freed by El Indio (who freed them only for the purpose of distracting his men so he could take the money) the duo fought the outlaw's henchmen and emerged victorious from the battle. El Indio later challenged Mortimer in a gun draw, Mortimer successfully killed him and later told the man with no name that his hunt for el Indio wasn't pushed by money but to take revenge on him for raping and inducing his sister to suicide, he then got on his horse and rode in to the sunset leaving the money to the man with no name.


Lee Van Cleef later went on to play the character of Angel Eyes in The good, the bad and the ugly. Although being played by the same actor the two character are not related in any way.